16 Hearts 16 Arrows Cut White Cubic Zirconia Loose CZ Diamond Gemstone Wholesale

Hearts and arrows cut is the term used for super ideal cut gemstones that exhibit a complete and precise hearts and arrows cut pattern. Hearts and arrows cut gemstones have three distinguishing factors - perfection in polish, symmetry and proportion. This effect is attained when all the facets are precisely aligned and the gemstones are cut and polished to perfection. The hearts and arrows ideal cut is attractive to perfectionists loving best brilliance and fire. Cubic zirconia Wholesale Gems obtains Korea machine cut, European machine cut to guarantee the  amazing effect you are dreaming.16 hearts and 16 arrows cut white cubic zirconia is more spark and fire than 8 hearts and 8 arrows cut cz stones. 

               16 hearts and 16  arrows cz stones                          16 hearts and 16 arrows cubic zirconia                          16 hearts and 16 arrows diamond cz

Material Shape Cut Color Quality Size(mm) Quantity(pcs/lot)
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows white AAA 4.00 200
CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows white AAA4.50 200
 CZ StonesRound 16 hearts and 16 arrows white AAA5.00 200
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows white AAA5.50200
 CZ StonesRound 16 hearts and 16 arrows  white AAA6.00200
CZ StonesRound 16 hearts and 16 arrows white AAA6.50200
 CZ StonesRound 16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA 7.00200
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA8.00200
 CZ StonesRound 16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA9.00200
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA10.0200
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows  whiteAAA 12.0200
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA 13.0100
CZ Stones Round16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA14.0 100
CZ Stones Round16 hearts and 16 arrows whiteAAA15.0 100
 CZ StonesRound16 hearts and 16 arrows  whiteAAA16.0100
 CZ Stones Round 16 hearts and 16 arrows white AAA18.0 100

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