AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Marquise Cut CZ Loose Synthetic Gemstones Man Made Gems Machine Cut CZ at Low Wholesale Price from Factory and Manufacturer

Diamond quality loose cubic zirconia marquise is a man-made composition to simulate the Diamond, since its high hardness(8.5 Moh's) and great fire. We now make marquise cubic zirconia in AAAAA quality with a variety of colors like white, pink, amethyst, garnet, orange, black, violet, canary yellow, peridot, blue, apple green, swiss blue, aquamarine blue, golden yellow, brown, green, smoky and more. The best quality marquise CZ is intended for the purposes of high end jewelry manufacturing  predominantly high value diamond rings. We introduce European machines and Korean machines to cut excellent quality stones. 

      AAAAA Cubic-Zirconia White Marquise CZ Diamond      AAAAA Cubic Zirconia Champagne Marquise Wholesale      AAAAA Cubic-Zirconia Pink Marquise USA      AAAAA Cubic-Zirconia Lavender Marquise China
               white marquise cz                    champagne marquise cz                    pink marquise cz                      lavender marquise cz

Available Size: 2x4   2.5x5   3x6   4x8   5x10   6x12   7x14   8x16   9x18   10x20 mm
Minimum Quantity: 100pcs

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