Abacus Beads Cubic Zirconia Stones Facet Rondell Created Gemstones Round CZ Loose Gems Crystal European Machine Cut Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale China

We carry a variety of beads include ball beads, abacus beads and smooth round beads. They are popular for jewelry making, craft designs, bead-work, decorations and so on. Different colors and sizes are available to choose from our factory. Most of abacus beads are used to bracelets and pendant. Thanks to cubic zirconia have great luster and spark, and by our experienced skill cutting technology, we can provide beautiful abacus beads which better than regular glass beads. CZ is harder stones with 8.50 Moh's scale and it's suitable for everyday's wear. We cut loose cubic zirconia stones by our-self factory so you can get a real good prices for your market and help you improve business. The following pictures of abacus beads as for your reference.

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Abacus beads size:3x6   4x7   5x8   6x9    7x10   8x12   13x18     

Available colors: white, pink, blue, lavender, garnet, orange, champagne, violet, amethyst, swiss blue, aquamarine blue, tanzanite, yellow.

Quality: AAA-AAAAA

Minimum quantity: 200pcs each.

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