18K Gold 3 Carat White Round Moissanite Ring Custom Jewelry for Women China

Today white moissanite rings are very popular jewelry like diamond rings, as moissanite look like a beautiful and spark diamond but a fraction of cost of diamond, so many people are interested in and wear moissanite rings. White moissanite is 9.25 Moh's scale and just softer than diamond(10 Moh's), it's created by man from last century and now become very hot sale gems. It's very difficult to find difference between diamond and moissanite by naked eye. Sometime white moissanite is alternative to real diamond and sell at low prices in the market. We are able to custom personalized Jewelry like rings, pendants and necklaces for you. We use metal like 18k gold with color white, yellow and rose. You can have many sizes of moissanite to choose like 1 carat, 2 carat, 3 carat and 4 carat. Are you want to make a custom jewelry from China factory? Now please contact us to get more detail of moissanite jewelry.
         18K White Gold Moissanite Rings Custom Jewelry
18k white gold 3 carat moissanite custom ring
       18K White Gold Moissanite Rings Personalized Jewelry

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