200mm White Sapphire Lab Created Sapphire Custom Loose Gemstones Wholesale

White sapphire is one of corundum which it's colorless like diamond. Lab created white sapphire is 9.0 Moh's scale and durable gems
Many jewelry manufacturers use white sapphire to diamond alternative both center stones and sides stones. Lab created white sapphire also named synthetic white sapphire, its man made gems like cubic zirconia. We are not only make regular dimension of white sapphire, but also cut large white sapphire gems. Large white sapphire usually display in living room, jewelry store or office. If you want to have a piece of white sapphire, please contact us to get free quote.

200mm white sapphire
200mm white sapphire
Other sizes including 20mm   25mm   30mm 40mm   50mm   60mm   65mm   70mm   80mm   90mm   10mm   120mm  140mm 150mm 160mm    170mm   180mm   190mm  200mm

We also accept custom cut large size lab created white sapphire gems.

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