AAA Rated Tapered Baguette White Cubic Zirconia Stones Clean Synthetic Gems

Tapered baguette is one of popular special cuts for cubic zirconia, unlike other shapes tapered CZ stones are widely set as side stones for jewelry making. Our tapered baguette stones are flawless with excellent polish, it's step cut and show brilliance. There are many colors(pink, black, champagne, violet, garnet red, yellow, peridot, orange, lavender, aquamarine) besides white.

tapered baguette white cubic zirconia wholesale

Available Size(mm): 3x2x1   2.5x1.5x1   1.5x1.25x1   2x1.5x1   3.75x1.5x1   3.25x2x1   5x2x1   7x3x2   5x2.5x2   3.25x1.75x1   3x1.5x1   2.75x2x1   2.75x1.5x1   2.25x1.25x1   4.5x2x1   4x1.25x1   3x1.75x1   2.75x1.75x1.25    2.25x1.25x1   1.5x1.25x1

Quality: AAA

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