AAAAA Quality Square Princess Cut White Moissanite Loose Stones Wholesale Price

Loose princess cut moissanite E-F near colorless synthetic moissanite diamond alternative diamond appearance fire brilliance
Moissanite are never dull for their sparkle from now until forever like diamonds, people usually take moissanite compare to diamonds for their color, brilliance and fire. They are often can'd find difference from moissanite to diamond by naked eye, many ladies would like to have moissanite rings not diamond rings. You don't need to pay higher price as diamond, just a fraction cost of diamonds. What's more, both moissanites and diamonds are similar appearance including color, clarity and luster. With a score 9.25 on Moh's hardness, no other gems can scratch moissanite besides diamond(10 Moh's), you do not need to worry about that for daily wear.  Princess cut with many facets and refract light out of stone, it's one of options to center stone. If you are going to get a moissanite ring, why not have a princess cut moissanite? The princess cut is designed for maximum brilliance. Now it's more easy to get a white moissanite with VVS clarity, let's help you to source best stone.

Princess Cut Moissanite Gemstone

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