Russian Blue Cubic Zirconia 15mm Round Brilliant Cut Loose CZ Wholesale Prices

Our loose blue cubic zirconia are imported from Russia but make to facets in China factory, since blue color CZ is hot sale and amazing color for varies of jewelrys. We are not only cut small sizes(1.0-3.0mm) stones but also process big sizes blue CZ(10.00 - 20.00mm). As its low cost, durability, and flawless, synthetic cubic zirconia has remained the most gemologically and economically important competitor for blue diamonds since 1976.

blue cubic zirconia

Material: Russian Cubic Zirconia

Color: Blue

Shape: Round

Size(mm): 10.00   11.00   12.00   13.00   14.00   15.00   16.00   17.00   18.00   19.00   20.00

MOQ: 50pcs

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