5A Quality Cushion Cut Lab Created Ruby Loose Gemstones from China Supplier

Lab created ruby is look like natural ruby gems and sell to gemstones' market at affordable price to jewelry manufacturers, jewelry wholesalers and retailers. It's a variety of ruby red color from light ruby, medium ruby to dark ruby. We usually make a mark like ruby#1.25, ruby #2, ruby #3, ruby #4, ruby #5, ruby #7 and ruby #8. Most of jewelers  take ruby#5 as regular ruby color and close to natural ruby stones. Since it's grown in lab and we can control output of each month according to demand of lab ruby gems market. It's durable and hardness like natural counterpart. Lab ruby belong to corundum crystal family. We usually take red corundum as lab ruby, blue corundum is lab created blue sapphire. Cushion cut is one of most popular and classical cutting, here are some of photos of cushion cut lab ruby gems as for your reference.

cushion cut lab created ruby

Size(mm): 5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10

Quality: 5A

MOQ: 100pcs

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