Emerald Green Color Cubic Zirconia Rough Uncut Raw Material Wholesale

Cubic zirconia is best and popular synthetic gems which it's flawless and durable. Cubic zirconia is best natural gems alternative, CZ has a variety of colors which look like natural gems in appearance. Columbia emerald is best quality and vivi green in the world, and cubic zirconia have same green color like emerald. We can supply bulk quantity of emerald green cubic zirconia rough to gems factories and wholesalers. You can cut gems by yourself, we can help you to get cubic zirconia rough. Cubic zirconia is 8.0 Moh's scale and don't worry it's scratch when you cutting. Below are photos of emerald green cubic zirconia rough as for your reference, if you are looking for loose CZ rough, please feel free to contact us to get free quote.

      green cubic zirconia raw material              emerald green cubic zirconia rough

Material: cubic zirconia
Color:emerald green
Minimum order quantity: 1 kilogram
Made in China supplier