AAAAA Quality Hearts and Arrows Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones Created Gemstones Wholesale Made In China

Cubic Zirconia offer the sophisticated look of diamonds at a fraction of the cost! Cubic Zirconia is well known as a substitute for diamond, due to its high hardness(8.5 Moh's) and great fire. Hearts and Arrow cut Cubic Zirconia have taken the diamond simulant to another level entirely. The cut of eight hearts and eight arrows enables incredible light refraction and to the untrained eye it is difficult to tell which is diamond and which is not! Only top quality AAAAA white CZ stones can display excellent luster and beautiful brilliance. Our cubic zirconia is wax cast setting withstand high temperature upto 850C and no scrap no dull. 

Heart and arrow cut cubic zirconia

Due to hearts and arrows cubic zirconia is very hot sell and popular, so we cut stones at most of sizes in stock for fast delivery. The regular
sizes are range from 0.8mm to 10.00mm. Colored hearts and arrows loose stones are also produced by customized orders, if you are finding for colored CZ, please contact us any time! 

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