Shining Millenium Cut Colored Cubic Zirconia CZ Synthetic Gems Loose Stones Machine Cut CZ Artificial Diamond Wholesale Customized Shape CZ for Jewelry Making

The Millennium cut is perhaps one of the most difficult for a gem designer to master. With one thousand precise cuts across the stone, the Millennium was created in 1999 as a symbol of the coming millennium. The creation of this stone requires the perfect rough gem, a precise hand to place one thousand facets upon the small stone, and the right equipment to do the work. Because of the precise nature needed, the Millennium cut will likely remain a rare and highly valued shape. Cubic Zirconia can be cut to millennium with different shapes like round, marquise, oval, pear, square, rectangle and more. Many colors CZ are available include white CZ, pink CZ, blue CZ, amethyst
CZ, orange CZ, garnet CZ, canary yellow CZ, golden yellow CZ, lavender CZ, green apple CZ, champagne CZ, aquamarine CZ, brown CZ
olive CZ, black CZ, tanzanite CZ and more colors.

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Quality: AAA

Minimum Quantity: 100pcs

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