Tapered Baguette White Cubic Zirconia Lab Created Gemstones Sizes Chart

Tapper baguette cubic zirconia is used to side-stones for jewelry making.Cubic Zirconia is a man made material with the chemical composition of Zr02.  All  tapered stones are quality machine-cut to ideal proportions from flawless CZ rough. This consistency means our stones are low rate for breakage, and it's more accurate sizes. Most of important, we are introduced to use auto-machines to cut quality stones for fast delivery time if orders are large volume. Colorless tapered baguette CZ is widely used for engagement rings and pendants. We usually have white cz stones in stock for urgently requirement. The following sizes are regular stones.

2.0x1.5x1.0 mm          2.5x1.5x1.0mm          3.0x2.0x1.0mm          3.0x2.0x1.5mm          3.5x1.5x1.0mm          3.5x1.5x2.0mm

4.0x2.0x1.0mm           4.0x2.0x1.5mm          4.5x2.5x1.5mm          4.5x2.5x2.0mm          5.0x2.0x1.5mm          5.0x3.0x2.0mm

If you are looking for colored tapered baguette cubic zirconia stones, please contact us and we can cut customized stones for you.

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