Cubic Zirconia is new lab created material for gemstones and it's very popular diamond simulants. Cubic zirconia has more spark and brilliance than real diamond.Cubic Zirconia is also call "CZ" or "Russia Diamond". The hardness is 8.5 on Moh's scale and lower than 10 Moh's on the hardness of diamond. Manufacturers use zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide to produce cubic zirconia, the rough cz is clear white stones like clear diamond. You can find a variety of colors cubic zirconia, for example, pink, yellow, amethyst, peridot, green,
lavender etc. , because it's added some metal oxide dopants like cerium, titanium and chromium etc. Today cubic zirconia stone play a very important role on gemstone market.CZ is widely used for silver jewelry, copper jewelry and 14k golden jewelry. 

Cubic Zirconia is synthetic gemstones which is optically flawless and without any inclusion and colorless. Synthetic CZ is cut any shapes like round, marquise, pear, oval, square, cushion, heart, baguette,rectangle, octagon, tapper, asscher, checkerboard, cabochon. CZ cuts come into brilliant cut, princess cut, step cut, rose cut, axe cut. There are over 280 shapes and cuts available. Most of jewelry have many beautiful color stones for design and keep customers' eye. To meet jewelry design require, CZ have many colors stones, like colorless, pink, amethyst, garnet, peridot, golden yellow, canary yellow, tanzanite blue, emerald green, swiss blue, aquamarine blue topaz, lavender
coffee brown, orange, violet, champagne, smoky rhodolite, rose red, olive and black. Please know that each color have three shades light color, medium color and dark color. 

Thanks to high technology machine and skilled cutters, we provide loose synthetic cubic zirconia at cheap wholesale prices and high quality AAA and top grade AAAAA stones. Each piece is strictly selected  quality as clients' requirement. We usually have a question about cz wax cast safely or not, most of them can withstand high temperature from 650C/1202F-700C/1382F which it's no burn and discolor. If you want to use high temperature over 850C/1562F, lab created ruby and sapphire is your best choice. If you want to synthetic stones withstand 1500C(Celsius)/2732F, we suggest you to choose new synthetic crystal Nano stones. 

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