Win-Win Gemstones For Everyone - Cubic Zirconia and Diamond

Diamond engagement rings are important gift for a new couple, and shown off  to everyone in the family and friends. Extremely Diamond are very rare in natural and very expensive price. Everyone love diamond forever but afraid of expensive price, most of them can't able to pay it. So most of new couple buy diamond engagement rings with low quality at affordable price. It's very lucky that now there is another colorless diamond alternative which it's very similar with real diamond. It's called Cubic Zirconia (or CZ). Cubic Zirconia engagement rings have more fire and shine than a diamond. Now it's very popular synthetic diamond for Engagement rings setting.

You can wear CZ engagement rings instead of diamond engagement rings when you travel, you can enjoy having cubic zirconia rings, you don't have to careful with it because it' cheap enough to replace if chipped, cracked and lost. To the untrained eye, colorless/white CZ look just like a flawless diamond and very beautiful stone. CZ allows everyone to pay the beautifully look of diamond jewelry. Cubic Zirconia are
heavier than diamond, CZ are made of more dense material, CZ will weight about 1.6 times more than diamond. If you buy loose cz stone,
it's very affordable for a tiny fraction of what a diamond would be. When you go to search loose cubic zirconia on google, you will find there are many grade of cubic zirconia. Quality A-AA CZ is very in expensive stones and it's not passable as a diamond. CZ AAA and above grade are high quality and look like a diamond most. The highest quality AAAAA Cubic Zirconia is same as extremely diamond with 58 facets and cut by advance European Machine.It's very difficult to distinguish them between CZ and Diamond by naked eye.

Round brilliant cut Diamond is very popular cutting, CZ is also same cutting like diamond cut. European Machine ideal cut(eight hearts and eight arrows cut) is very perfect on loose CZ. According to market jewelry trend, we provide a new diamond simulants material which it's near colorless CZ, warm white CZ Diamond, faint tiny CZ Diamond and the lightest yellow CZ Diamond and Light Canary Yellow CZ. Many people know a real colorless diamond is very rare exist, what's more,  the perfect diamond is unattainable 

We, a professional CZ manufacturer, supply the highest AAAAA CZ Diamond to meet your stones requirement. We also provide irregular shape for CZ diamond like marquise, oval, pear, heart, square, cushion, asscher, radiant and rectangle etc. Thanks to advance machine (European Cutting Machine, Korean Cutting Machine and China Cutting Machine) and experienced cutters,  symmetry angle and facet will be available. Each piece CZ is cut by our factory and you will get cheap wholesale prices. We also have any another colors lab created gemstone like lab created ruby, lab created emerald, lab created sapphire and lab created spinel. 

Thanks to cubic zirconia bring us beautiful and shines like diamond, what's more, it's affordable price for everyone! We love CZ Diamond!

If get more detail of cubic zirconia stones, please consult us today !