Wholesale Brown Cubic Zirconia Coffee CZ Oval Loose Stones Russian Formula Gems

Looking for brown gemstones?Get flawless and versatile brown cubic zirconia stones to create your own jewelry. Cubic zirconia are 8.5 mohs in hardness, you can rub cz with ordinary sandpaper (not emery cloth) and it doesn't scratch, so it's no problem for daily wear. Brown CZ also named Coffee CZ, because it's look like color of coffee and romantic hue. Each stone is cut by machine in AAA quality at very low affordable prices.Of course, if you would like the highest quality CZ, they should be cut by hand and these are even more accurate facets and polish. Brown cubic zirconia is widely used to rings and most fashion jewelry. We have large varieties of loose cubic zirconia for your choice. Today we introduce oval cut brown CZ  which fashion and hot sale synthetic gems to you. The main market include Unite States, UK, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, India, Spain, Japan, Korean, France, Italy, Canada, Ukraine and more.

                         brown cubic zirconia oval cut                      brown cubic zirconia                          coffee man made gems

Size Option: 3x5     4x6     5x7     6x8    7x9     8x10     9x11    10x12     10x14     12x16     13x18     15x20     18x25     20x30 mm

Quality: AAA

MOQ: 100 pieces

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