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Naturally occurring moissanite is extremely rare and found only in microscopic crystals that are too small to use in jewelry. Only after years of research a breakthrough discovery enabled the production of moissanite crystals large enough to produce an uncommon combination of science and art.Average diamonds in these grading ranges cost 10 times more than Moissanite!  Many jewelers can easily tell identify a CZ, although most cannot distinguish between a Moissanite and a diamond, without careful, magnified inspection and/or formal training in stone identification. We only produce best quality AAAAA moissanite stones in round hearts and arrows cuts.Of course, other shapes are also available such as oval, marquise, heart, trillion, octagon, square, pear and cushion. Moissanite is just better than diamonds and cubic zirconia. Moissanite's brilliance, hardness, weight and scratch resistance rival all other gemstones. Moissanite actually has a higher "refractive index" than diamond, which gives it MORE sparkle & "fire" than diamonds !

Moissanite vs diamond

   Best Quality White Moissanite Round Cut for Engagement Ring    AAAAA Quality Round Moissanite Gemstones Wholesale  Moissanite Wholesale Price Hearts Arrows Cut

Round Shape Hearts and Arrows Cut Moissanite Loose Stones sizes as below:

 Stone Shape Cut Quality Size(mm) Quantity(pcs/lot) Ref.
 Moissanite Round Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 3.001 in stock
Moissanite  Round Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 3.501   in stock 
 MoissaniteRound Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 4.001 in stock 
 MoissaniteRound  Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 4.501 in stock 
 Moissanite Round Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 5.001 in stock 
 MoissaniteRound  Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 5.50 1 in stock 
 Moissanite Round Hearts and ArrowsAAAAA  6.00 1in stock  
 Moissanite Round Hearts and ArrowsAAAAA  6.50 1 in stock 
 Moissanite Round Hearts and ArrowsAAAAA  7.00 1 in stock 
 MoissaniteRound  Hearts and ArrowsAAAAA  7.50 1 in stock 
 MoissaniteRound Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 8.00  1in stock  
 MoissaniteRound Hearts and Arrows AAAAA  8.50 1in stock  
 Moissanite RoundHearts and Arrows AAAAA  9.00 1in stock  
 Moissanite RoundHearts and Arrows AAAAA  10.0 1in stock  
 MoissaniteRound Hearts and Arrows AAAAA  11.01in stock  
 Moissanite Round Hearts and Arrows AAAAA 12.0 1in stock

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