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Color-Change CZ has a very good concept because this kind of stone can change color under different lights, these are some other special colors of CZ with a color changing property due to the light effect. It's amazing color cubic zirconia stone. The below form is show you different colors as they are.The color-change family includes numerous natural and synthetic gems. The most common imitation of alexandrite is synthetic corundum. Synthetic alexandrite-like sapphire has a color change that is typically more bluish in fluorescent lighting, and more purplish in incandescent.

No.Under Fluorescent lightingUnder Daylight
CZ Color Change #1 Peridot/Olive Yellow
 CZ Color Change #2 Aqua Blue Purple
 CZ Color Change #3 Blue TopazKunzanite 
 CZ Color Change #4 Grey BrownMaderia 
 CZ Color Change #5 Teal Topaz Morganite
 CZ Color Change #6 Tanzanite Blue Green Tourmaline
 CZ Color Change #7 Pink Citrine
 CZ Color Change #8 Pink SapphireYellow-Green 
 CZ Color Change #9 Imperial Topaz Lemon Quartz
 CZ Color Change #10 KunzaniteGreen Tourmaline 

color change cubic zirconia

Color change CZ is cut to shapes include round, marquise, pear, oval, heart, baguette, octagon, square, baguette, asscher, trillion water drop and more. Customized shapes stones are available. 

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