Fine Quality Color Cubic Zirconia Tapered Baguettes Cut CZ Loose Synthetic Gems Korean Cut Imitation Diamond Side Stones For Jewelry Setting Wholesale Manufacturer

The most common side stones used in engagement rings. Some might argue that a ring with tapered baguettes CZ should not be called a three stone ring; it should be called a solitaire. This is because baguettes are really not an extension of the center stone. They are set on the "cathedral" part of the shank. The use of tapered baguettes is slightly outdated, but is still a classic way to construct a three stone ring. They could be successfully paired with any shape of center stone. These are slightly boring, yet stylish, traditional and understated. Perfect side stones to compliment a amazing center stone! White tapered baguette is fit for center stone with colorless, colored tapered cz stones
used to color big size center stone for engagement rings. expect for jewelry setting, tapered baguettes cut CZ is also set to watch design, because CZ offers a lot of sparkle and beauty. There are many colors options like pink, peridot, yellow, blue, green, lavender, black, violet,
tanzanite blue, aqua sea blue, canary yellow, chocolate, rhodolite, lime yellow, rose and orange etc. Available sizes range from 2.5x1x0.8 to 6x3x2 mm. AAA quality tapered baguettes cut CZ are very hot sale and popular in synthetic gems market. 

                                          aqua blue tapered baguette cubic zirconia                                                             brown tapered baguette cubic zirconia stones

Tapered baguette size(mm): 2x1.5x1   3x2x1   4x2x1   5x3x2    6x3x2   2x1.5x0.8    3x2x0.8    2.5x1.5x1    2.75x1.5x1    3x1.5x1 

5x2.5x2   5x3x2.5   6x3x2.5   6x3.5x3   7x4.25x3.5   8x4x3.25   8x4.75x4   9x5.5x4.5   9x4.5x3.5   10x6x5   12x6x5   12x7x6      20x12x10

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