China Crystal Cubic Zirconia Cube Blank Glass Cuboid Display Wholesale Supplier

Colorless cube or cuboid crystal is widely used to display on store, house or office. Some retailers would like to have some pieces to display their products such as mobile phone, jewelry and other decoration. Some manufacturing facories use cubic zirconia cube to their products. We offer two styles material both k9 crystal and zirconiam as for your choice.

                       cube crystal beads wholesale                                cuboid glass crystal

Material: cubic zirconia or k9 crystal

Color: White/Colorless

Shape: Cube or Cuboid

K9 crystal Size(mm): 50x50x50     60x60x60     70x70x70       80x80x80      90x90x90        100x100x100            120x120x120
30x20x15     20x50x60     20x60x60     20x60x80     40x40x60       50x50x80     50x50x100     50x50x120            100x100x200...

Cubic zirconia size(mm):   5x5x5     8x8x8   10x10x10      15x15x15      20x20x20   25x25x25   30x30x30     35x35x35
5x5x10     5x5x12     8x8x15     10x10x20   10x10x25   12x12x30       15x15x30.....

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