Diamond Quality Yellow Cubic Zirconia Asscher Cut CZ Loose Stones Yellow Sapphire Simulated Man Made Created Gemstones Wholesale Price from China Manufacturer

The Asscher cut adds brilliance to step cut faceting. Asscher cut gemstones have more facets and the the step cut corners can vary in width and size. These step cut corners add to the Asscher’s geometric appeal, and makes the stones appear almost octagonal.
Asscher Cut - a unique combination of brilliant and step faceting that absolutely radiates brilliance. Asscher-cut engagement ring made headline entertainment news, there was renewed interest in this fashionable stepped-square cut. Today asscher cut cubic zirconia become very popular synthetic gemstones. It show spark and brilliance like diamond. People love cubic zirconia and asscher cut stones engagement rings. Yellow cubic zirconia is alternative to yellow sapphire gems at a fraction of cost of mineral yellow stone.

AAAAA Asscher Yellow Cubic Zirconia

Top Diamond Quality Yellow Asscher Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Size List as below:

3x3     4x4     5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10     11x11     12x12     13x13     14x14     15x15     16x16     18x18     20x20 mm

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