Loose Gemstones Cabochon Cubic Zirconia Stones Wholesale Price China Supplier

Loose Cubic Zirconia is durable, hard, flawless and inexpensive. Amazing sparkle cubic zirconia cabochons with shining color and charming shapes are perfect for jewelry making. All those CZ cabochons are one of our hot sale stones. Each piece cabochon stone is cut by our skilled and experienced masters. Cabochon CZ usually  is smooth convex top with flat back. Both oval cabochon and round cabochon are very popular shapes, we also cut heart cabochon CZ, square cabochon CZ, marquise cabochon CZ, cushion cabochon CZ. Due to the bottom of Cabochon cut loose cz stones are flat, they can be glued into place, rather than "set" into mountings. Cabochons are great for inlay, wire and wrapping. There are a variety of colored cubic zirconia stones are available. Colors include white, pink, black,
canary yellow, blue, orange, aquamarine blue, lavender, apple green, golden yellow, swiss blue, coffee brown, violet, amethyst, emerald green, tanzanite blue, peridot olive, champagne, rhodolite, rose and milk CZ.

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Cabochon CZ Round Size(mm): 1.0     2.0     3.0     4.0     5.0     6.0    7.0     8.0    9.0    10.0     12.0     13.0     15.0

Cabochon CZ Oval Size(mm): 5x3     6x4      7x5     8x6     9x7     10x8    11x9     12x10     13x18

Cabochon CZ Square Size(mm): 5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10     12x12     15x15     18x18     20x20

Cabochon CZ Pear Size(mm): 5x3     6x4      7x5     8x6     9x7     10x8    11x9     12x10     13x18

Cabochon CZ Cushion Size(mm): 5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10     12x12     15x15     18x18     20x20

We cut all kinds of cabochon synthetic gemstones include cubic zirconia, lab created spinel, lab created ruby corundum sapphire and glass stones. If you are looking for cabochon CZ at LOW Wholesale prices directly from China supplier and manufacturer.

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