Golden Yellow Cubic Zirconia Square Princess Cut Loose CZ Stones Wholesale

Cubic Zirconia is lab created gemstones by man and it's flawless and high hardness 8.50 Moh's. Cubic Zirconia has been the largest competitor to the diamond, so it is well known as a substitute for diamond. Square shape princes cut loose cubic zirconia stones is widely used to silver jewelry and gold jewelry.  We offer high quality princess cut CZ at competitive prices to clients around the world. Cubic Zirconia have a variety of colors as option. They have great spark and fire for your jewelry. 

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Square Shape Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Stones sizes as below:

Material Shape Cut Color Quality Size(mm) Quantity(pcs/lot)
 CZ Stones Square Princess yellow AAA 3x3 200
CZ Stones Square Princess yellow AAA 4x4 200
 CZ StonesSquare Princess yellow AAA5x5 200
 CZ StonesSquarePrincess yellow AAA6x6200
 CZ StonesSquare Princess yellow AAA 7x7200
CZ StonesSquare Princess yellow AAA8x8200
 CZ StonesSquare Princess yellowAAA 9x9200
 CZ StonesSquarePrincess yellowAAA10x10200
 CZ StonesSquare Princess yellowAAA11x11200
 CZ StonesSquarePrincessyellowAAA12x12200
 CZ StonesSquare Princess yellowAAA 13x13200
 CZ StonesSquarePrincessyellowAAA  14x14100
CZ Stones SquarePrincessyellowAAA15x15 100
CZ Stones SquarePrincessyellowAAA16x16 100
 CZ StonesSquarePrincess yellowAAA18x18100
 CZ Stones Square Princess yellow AAA20x20 100

We accept order of customize cut square loose cubic zirconia stones. 

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