Heart Cut Cubic Zirconia Loose Swiss Blue CZ Gemstones Machine Cut from Supplier

The swiss blue cubic zirconia stones are very beautiful and are perfect for any occasion. They can help you to make a great CZ silver jewelry for someone who you love. The CZ is 8.5 on Moh's scale. refractive index: 2.15. specific Gravity: 5.6-6.0. Dispersion:0.058-0.060. With advanced technology and Cutting Machine equipment, the heart-cut swiss blue CZ is pure and flawless without inclusion. It can help you to create anniversary rings for someone you love.

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We offer an extensive range of cubic zirconia, lab created gemstones and artificial gemstones with different colors and shapes. You can get good quality and low wholesale prices for heart shape swiss blue cubic zirconia stones.

Heart Size(mm): 3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10   12x12   13x13   14x14   15x15   16x16   17x17   18x18   20x20   25x25

Color: Swiss Blue

Minimum Order Quantity: 100 pcs

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