AAAAA Quality Hydrothermal Emerald Gemstones Lab Created Emerald Wholesale

Lab created emerald is a real emerald which grown in lab, it's not a emerald simulants like green cubic zirconia or green glass. Lab emerald have same structure and element of natural emerald. Hydrothermal emerald is rich green color like Colombia emerald. It's 7.5-8.0 Moh's scale on hardness and quite durable gemstone. A synthetic emerald sell at a fraction of cost to a comparable natural emerald. It's not easy to find difference both synthetic emerald and natural emerald by naked eye. If you are looking for a inexpensive
emerald stone, lab created emerald is your best choice. Since we use natural emerald rough to grown new emerald, it's sell by carat weight. Each piece of lab emerald is cut by skilled and experienced master. We process them in most precise cut and excellent polish

Like other gemstones, lab created grown emerald process to a variety of shapes include round, marquise, oval, pear, square, trillion, baguette, octagon, heart, cushion, asscher and teardrop. We supply lab emerald in top quality AAAAA and the most precise cut. If you are looking for best quality synthetic emerald at cheap factory price, please feel free to contact us to get free quote!

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Lab Grown Emerald Round:
3.00     3.25     3.50     3.75     4.00    4.50     5.00     5.50     6.00     6.50     7.00     7.50     8.00     8.50     9.00     10.00

Lab Grown Emerald  Oval:
3x5     4x6     5x7     6x8    7x9     8x10 

Lab Grown Emerald Heart:
3x3     4x4     5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10

Lab Grown Emerald Pear:
3x5     4x6     5x7     6x8    7x9     8x10

Lab Grown Emerald Marquise:
3x6     3.5x7     4x8     5x10     6x12

Lab Grown Emerald Square:
3x3     4x4     5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10

Lab Grown Emerald Trillion:
3x3     4x4     5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10

Lab Grown Emerald Asscher:

5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10

Lab Grown Emerald Cushion:
3x3     4x4     5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10

Lab Grown Emerald Emerald:
3x5     3x6     5x7     4x8     6x8     7x9     8x10
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