Lab Created Blue Sapphire Cabochon Gemstones Wholesale Price China Supplier

Lab blue sapphire is one of blue gems in the market, as it's replica of natural blue sapphire with flawless and excellent quality. What's more, it's a fraction cost of natural blue sapphire. Lab created blue sapphire is perfect stone for jewelry making. Like natural blue sapphire, lab created blue sapphire have same chemical and color, both lab blue sapphire and natural blue sapphire just different that one is grown in laboratory , other grown in earth. Cabochon blue sapphire are usually used for center stone of rings, necklaces or pendants. If you are looking for cheap price of lab blue sapphire, please contact us to get free quote.

cabochon lab created blue sapphire gemstones
lab created blue sapphire cabochon

Material Shape Cut Color Quality Size(mm) Quantity(pcs/lot)
lab sapphire OvalCabochonblue AAA 3x6 100
lab sapphire OvalCabochonblue AAA 4x6 100
lab sapphire OvalCabochonblue AAA5x7 100
 lab sapphire OvalCabochonblue AAA6x8 100
 lab sapphire Oval Cabochonblue AAA 7x9 100
lab sapphire OvalCabochonblue AAA8x10 100
 lab sapphire OvalCabochonblueAAA 9x11 100
 lab sapphire OvalCabochonblueAAA10x12 100
lab sapphire OvalCabochonblueAAA10x14 100

We accept order of customize cut oval shape cabochon lab created blue sapphire stones. 

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