Lab Created Ruby Oval Cabochon Gemstones Wholesale Price European Machine Cut

Ruby is very popular gemstones in jewelry market, but it's extremely expensive prices and hard to find excellent quality ruby. Today lab ruby is created by man and widely set to all kinds of fashion jewelry like rings, pendant, necklace and more. Man made ruby is flawless and spark like natural ruby, everyone can easy to get a great quality ruby stones. What's more, it's affordable prices and you need to pay a fraction of mineral ruby. Cabochon ruby is smooth top and flat bottom, you can easy to get oval shape cabochon smooth lab ruby from us. It's hard to distinguish between lab ruby and natural ruby by untrained eye, they are same material, lab ruby is created in lab, the mineral ruby is grown on the earth.  

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Material Shape Cut Color Quality Size(mm) Quantity(pcs/lot)
 Ruby OvalCabochon red AAA 3x6 200
Ruby OvalCabochonred AAA 4x6 200
 Ruby OvalCabochonred AAA5x7 200
 Ruby OvalCabochonred AAA6x8200
 Ruby Oval Cabochonred AAA 7x9200
Ruby OvalCabochonred AAA8x10200
 Ruby OvalCabochon redAAA 9x11100
 Ruby OvalCabochonredAAA10x12100
Ruby OvalCabochonredAAA10x14100
 Ruby OvalCabochonredAAA13x18100

We accept order of customize cut oval shape cabochon lab created ruby stones. 

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