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Cubic Zirconia is cheap and beautiful synthetic gemstones, it's not only cut to regular shapes(include round, heart, marquise, pear, oval, square, rectangle, baguette, trillion), but also cut to fancy shapes(such as curved oval, checkerboard, cabochon, smooth leaf, rice facet, axe, pandora, rhombus, half moon, bridge, lucky bag, butterfly and more). We make a top drill sizes from 0.8-1.0mm to hold by metal ring.
It's easy and simple to make  cubic zirconia pendants. We carry a large collection of colors cubic zirconia with thousands of shapes and cuts. We are a professional manufacturer and factory of loose cubic zirconia which provide AAA quality stones and best wholesale prices to our customers. We accept customized order from clients around the world and fast delivery time which help our clients to develop their markets. Now we show some of CZ pendants for your reference as below:

        amethyst square checkerboard cz pendant     champagne lucky bag cz pendant     letter shape fancy cut color cz pendant     pear champagne fancy cut cz pendant     cross shape cz pendant

       smoky oval cz pendant      trillion fancy cut cz pendant      purple butterfly cz pendant      olive checkerboard cz pendant    amethyst heart checkboard cz pendant

Are you looking for loose cubic zirconia pendant at wholesale price directly from manufacturer and factory? You come to right place here!
CZ pendant is as a gift to your friends, wife, husband, parents. If you are wholesaler of cubic zirconia jewelry, we will offer your the lowest prices. If you are retailer of jewelry, we will provide you with best wholesale prices and fast delivery time. We supply AAA quality cz stones with great cut and polish. 

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