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Lemon Quartz stone is available for sale in bulk quantities at factory wholesale prices. It is also available for individual sell at the same wholesale rates. They’re better for making them into necklaces, bracelets, pendants or earrings! We supply everything from individual gemstones to large quantities of gems for wholesale.Lemon quartz rate is 7 on the Moh's scale, so lemon quartz jewelry is durable and will stand up to everyday wear. Most lemon quartz comes from Brazil, but there are deposits in North America, Africa and Europe as well. We can cut many kinds of shapes include round, heart, pear, square, cushion, baguette, oval, marquise,cabochon, checkerboard and much more. 

Lemon Quartz round size(mm): 
1.00   1.10   1.20   1.25   1.30   1.40   1.50   1.60   1.75   2.00   2.10    2.25   2.50   2.75   3.0   3.25   3.50   3.75    4.00   4.50    5.00   5.50   6.00   6.50   7.00   7.50   8.00   8.50   9.00   9.50   10.00

Lemon Quartz oval size(mm): 3x4   3x5   4x5   4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11  10x12   10x14

Lemon Quartz pear size(mm): 3x4   3x5   4x5   4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11  10x12   10x14

Lemon Quartz heart size(mm): 3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10   11x11

Lemon Quartz marquise size(mm): 2x4   2.5x5    3x5   3x6   4x8   5x10  6x12   7x14   8x16

Sky Blue Topaz square size(mm): 2x2    2.5x2.5   3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10

Lemon Quartz baguette size(mm): 2x4   2x2.5   3x1.5   3x6   2x3    5x2.5    5x7    6x8   7x9    8x10   9x14

Lemon Quartz trillion size(mm): 4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10

PS: If you can't find sizes and shapes above, please contact us!

Loose Stone Certification can also be provided as an optional service. Natural gemstones are always measured in Millimeter (mm).

VS = Eye Clean - Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification
SI = Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye

Please let us know detail of your inquiry include sizes,shapes, the quality requirements along with quantity required,you need to tell us exactly you are looking for, so that we can quote you strictly quotation. Get Your Free Quote Today! E-mail: