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Synthetic Opal have become more common in the past few years like cubic zirconia stones. It is used a lot in silver jewelry and copper jewelry etc. According to search, we can find out that there are a large collection of products which use synthetic opal include watch, bags,
shoes, glasses, toys, cloths and much more. Mostly synthetic opal is made into cabochon and beads. our lab-grown opal gemstones are harder and more durable than most of those from nature.Synthetic opal can have many aliases include man made opal, lab opal, created opal, Gilson opal, imitation opal. Lab create opal was found by Pierre Gilson in 1974. Gilson opal is still a name widely recognized as being created opal.Synthetic opal is the brilliant play of color or “fire” in the opal. High Quality Synthetic Opal in more than 300 colors and shapes include oval cabochon, round cabochon, pear, heart, rectangle, star, hand, letter, trillion, cross, marquise, dolphin, flowers, key and more. Customized shapes are also available. 

lab created opal gemstone

synthetic opal alphabet
synthetic opal alphabet gemstones 26 words

The following picture is synthetic opal color card for your reference:

Synthetic Opal Color Card

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