Marquise Gemstones Cubic Zirconia Checkerboard CZ Cabochon Cutting Wholesale

The marquise cut (aka "Navette" cut) is an elliptical shaped brilliant cut with pointed ends. Usually cut to a 2.00 ratio (twice as long as wide), this ratio gives distinct length and elegance, whilst providing a good balance of width that is pleasing to the eye. If you are looking for fancy cut synthetic gemstones, marquise cutting CZ is an excellent choice. We provide standard and good quality AAA marquise cz and the top grade AAAAA quality with best cutting and polishing. Marquise is cut to checkerboard and cabochon or another fancy facets.
We have a large selection of loose synthetic gemstones marquise cut CZ in all sizes and colors. We can make your custom order as your requirement, please consult us any time !

marquise cutting gemstones
Marquise Cutting Gemstones

Marquise Natural Cut CZ
Marquise Natural Cut Gemstones

Double Checkerboard Marquise Cut CZ
Double Checkerboard Cut CZ

Marquise Buff Top Diamond cut Bottom CZ
Marquise Buff Top Diamond-cut Bottom CZ

Marquise Cabochon Gemstones
Marquise Cabochon CZ
Marquise Double Smooth Top CZ
Marquise Double Smooth Top CZ

Marquise Diamond cut Bottom Checkerboard Top CZ
Marquise Bottom Checkerboard cz

Marquise Double Regular-cut Top CZ
Marquise Double Regular-cut Top CZ

Marquise Flat Bottom Regular-cut Top CZ
Marquise Flat Bottom Gemstones

marquise concave cut Gemstones
Marquise Concave Cut CZ

                marquise white cubic zirconia stones   marquise olive green peridot cubic zirconia stones   marquise garnet cubic zirconia loose stones

                marquise aquamarine blue cubic zirconia stones      marquise gemstones     marquise cut champagne loose cz stones

                marquise cut apple green cubic zirconia China      marquise black cubic zirconia stones     marquise amethyst cubic zirconia gemstones

                marquise pink cubic zirconia      marquise chocolate coffee brwon cubic zirconia     marquise green cubic zirconia

Marquise Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Size List as below:
2x4     2.5x5     3x6     3.5x7     4x8     5x10     6x12     7x14

If you are looking for special marquise cut, the size should be more than 5.00 mm and it's cut easily. We provide marquise cubic zirconia cutting with varies colors include white, amethyst, pink, peridot, black, aquamarine, champagne, golden yellow, violet, canary yellow,apple green, swiss blue, garnet and lavender and  etc. Please see CZ color chart.

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