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Nano Gemstones is new style synthetic gems material and it's produced in past several years.  Nanogem's advantages are obvious: color uniformity over the entire volume, relatively high hardness (7-7.5), refractive index (1.61 - 1.64) and density (3-3.3g/cm3), color and luster - are maximally close to many natural minerals, high thermal shock resistance (makes Nanogems ideally compatible with wax casting technology). We make the material by high temperature withstand 1500C to 1700C and suitable for jewelry Wax Casting of micro pave jewelry. Nano gems that completely imitate the colors, brightness, hardness and density of gemstones such as black, pink, green, blue, aquamarine, grey and garnet red.

Most of the Nano gems are offered in different variations of color shades: Dark, Medium and Light. The darker varieties are used for producing smaller sized stones, while the lighter selections are used for larger ones; this enables a manufacturer to maintain the same hue of color saturation throughout variations in sizes and shapes. We can produce variety of shapes such as round, marquise, heart, pear, octagon, square, baguette, cushion, asscher, tapper, cabochon, trillion, oval and much more. 

           nano gems black         nano gems blue sapphire         nano gems garnet red         nano gems emerald green
                 nano gems black                          nano gems blue                       nano gems garnet                       nano gems green

           nano gems gray          nano gems pink         nano gems olive peridot          nano gems golden yelllow
                 nano gems gray                          nano gems pink                           nano gems olive                          nano gems yellow

We are loose nano gemstones manufacturer and provide you great quality AAA nano gems at low affordable prices directly from factory. Due to nano gems crystal stones is safe to wax casting for jewelry micro pave setting, it's very hot sale and popular stones. To meet fast delivery time, small sizes nano stones from 1.00-3.00mm round nano gems are usually in stock.  Are you looking for wax casting stones which it's not burn and discolored ? You come to right place now!

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