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Old Mine cut gemstones are basically rounded off squares and developed in the late 17th century. These beauties are known for their irregular perimeter often cushion or squarish, an open culet (the diamonds point) and smaller table. Round Cut is classic, Old Mine cuts are classy.The Old Mine Cut was a precursor of the modern round brilliant,As to Old Mine cut, the facets generally lack proper symmetry, the table is very small, and the culet is extremely large (appearing more like a facet). The old mine cut has a very high crown and very deep pavilion, it look like "cushion" shape. While they have smaller tables and larger culets than are used today, it is precisely these touches of their old world appeal that makes them highly desirable cuts of diamond, and beautifully fashioned reminders of a bygone era.

old mine cut cubic zirconia loose
old mine cut cubic zirconia

old mine cut cubic zirconia
Old mine cut cubic zirconia size(mm):
5x5     6x6     7x7     8x8     9x9     10x10    12x12     15x15     16x16      18x18      20x20mm

Color: white
Quality: AAAAA
MOQ: 100pcs

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