Rhombus Loose Cubic Zirconia Stones Lozenge Gemstones European Machine Cut Man Made Stones for Jewelry Design Wholesale Prices from Manufacturer

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is man made created gemstones in different colors with many shapes, due to it's created by man, it's have enough rough CZ in stock and very lower wholesale price than natural gemstones. Besides normal shapes( like round, marquise, heart, pear, oval, square, baguette, trillion ), there are many fancy shapes. For example: rhombus Lozenge shape cubic zirconia.

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Material: Zircon (synthetic gems)

Available sizes(mm): 5.5x3.5      4x8      6x10      10x14     20x25      30x23

Colors option: white, pink, peridot, amethyst, blue, black, violet, golden yellow, champagne, chocolate brown, emerald green and more.

Minimum Qty: 200 pcs

We also accept customized order and welcome to contact us to get FREE Price Quote of Rhombus Lozenge Cubic Zirconia!