Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones CZ Diamond Simulated Synthetic Gemstones Wholesale Prices from Manufacturer

Round cut cubic zirconia stones is very popular gemstones with brilliance and spark like round diamond. Round brilliant cut CZ stones has 58 facets with good cutting and polishing. Round cut cubic zirconia have 8.50 Moh's on scale, it's not scratch easily. Now silver jewelry use cubic zirconia to gemstones setting at cheap pricing and most people love CZ. Round CZ diamond can withstand high temperature 650-800 Celsius and it's safe to wax casting, metal clay and kiln. We can make custom order for our clients and cut special round cz stones. Each piece cubic zirconia stones are produced by our skilled masters and advanced machine & tool. Round CZ have two popular cutting like round brilliant cut (diamond cut) and hearts and arrows cut (star cut). Our company provide good cutting synthetic gemstone for clients around the world. If you have special cut gemstones requirement, please consult us !

round brilliant cut cubic zirconia
 round brilliant cut cubic zirconia

Natural Bottom Round Cut CZ
natural bottom round cut cz

Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Round Cut CZ
cabochon face flat bottom round cut cz

Radiant Round Cut Cubic Zirconia
radiant round cut cz
Tai Chi Round Cut Cubic Zirconia
tai chi round cut cz stones

Triangle Face Round Cut Cubic Zirconia
 triangle face round cut cz

double brilliant Cut cubic zirconia
double brilliant cut cubic zirconia
Checkerboard Round Cut Cubic Zirconia
checkerboard round cut cz
Double Checkerboard Round Cut CZ
 double checkerboard round cut cubic zirconia

Checkerboard Face Flat Bottom Brilliant Cut CZ
checkerboard face flat bottom round cut cubic zirconia
Diamond Face Flat Bottom Round Cut CZ
diamond face flat bottom round cut cz

Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Size List as below:
0.80     0.90     1.00     1.10     1.20     1.25     1.30     1.40     1.50     1.60     1.70     1.75     1.80     1.90     2.00     2.25     2.50     2.75  3.00     3.25     3.50     3.75     4.00     4.25     4.50     5.00     5.25     5.50     6.00     6.50     7.00     7.50     8.00     8.50     9.00     10.00   20.0     30.0     40.0     50.0     60.0     70.0     80.0     90.0     100      120 mm
       White round AAAAA cubic zirconia stones                orange round AAAAA cubic zirconia stones              peridot yellow cubic zirconia stones        
     pink round cubic zirconia lab created gems                    purple cubic zirconia wholesale price             round aquamarine cubic zirconia synthetic gems

If you are looking for special round cut, the size should be more than 5.00 mm and it's cut easily. We provide round cubic zirconia cutting with varies colors include white, amethyst, pink, peridot, black, aquamarine, champagne, golden yellow, violet, canary yellow, lavender and garnet etc. Please see CZ color chart.

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