Top Quality 5A Round Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire Loose Stones Wholesale Price

Lab created blue sapphire is popular and beautiful blue gemstones, since natural mineral blue sapphire is very expensive and need to pay much money to buy a carat stone. What's difference between lab blue sapphire and earth mineral blue sapphire? They have same chemical composition, hardness, brilliant and luster. The difference that one is grown in Lab, other is grown in earth. You can't tell difference from synthetic from natural one by naked eye. Lab created blue sapphire are used to center stone(for big size stones) and accent stones(for small size ones). Large measurement blue sapphire usually set in engagement rings, earrings and pendants. As lab blue sapphire are created by man, we can cut a variety of sizes for round shape from 0.80mm to 12.00mm, each piece are selected strictly by our skilled and experienced employee. What's more, it's a fraction of cost of natural blue sapphire, you can save big budget to get a prefect piece. We are asked from our clients whether lab blue sapphire is resistant high temperature to wax casting, the answer is yes. We usually have round blue sapphire in stock, you can get bulk quantity order fast. 

Round Lab Created Blue Sapphire

 Item Description ShapeQuality Size(mm) Quantity(lot/pcs) 
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 0.80 500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 0.90  500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.00  500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.10  500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.20  500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.25 500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.30 500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.50 500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 1.75 500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 2.00 500
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 2.50 200
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 3.00 200
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round  5A 3.50 200
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 4.00 200
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 4.50 200
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 5.00 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 5.50 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 6.00 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 6.50 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 7.00 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 7.50 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 8.00 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 9.00 100
 Lab Created Blue Sapphire Round 5A 10.00 100

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