Square Princess Cut Lab Created Blue Sapphire Loose Gemstones Lab Corundum

Blue Sapphire is precious gemstone in the earth, royal blue sapphire is very hot sale and popular mine stone in jewelry market. But not everybody can buy large and good quality blue sapphire at affordable price. So scientists found out  a new method to create man-made sapphire, lab-created sapphires are chemically, optically and physically identical to natural sapphires mine. Like cubic zirconia, sapphire have many colors like yellow lab sapphire, white lab sapphire and blue lab sapphire. Blue color sapphire is more expensive and hot sale stone for gemstones market. Since sapphire is synthetic rough, so it's more cheaper price and get them easily. Today blue sapphire is widely use to silver jewelry, copper jewelry, gold jewelry and fashion jewelry as center stone. Princess cut is amazing cutting for loose gemstone, so square shape princess cut lab blue sapphire also become one of  important stones. What's more, it's wax casting for jewelry making. Thanks to advanced technology and experienced masters, customers can pay affordable cost to buy beautiful lab blue sapphire as their desire. 

square princess cut lab created blue sapphire

Princess Cut Lab Sapphire Size: 3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10   12x12   13x13   15x15   18x18   20x20

Minimum order quantity: 100pcs each size

Quality: AAA or AAAAA

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