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Are you looking for tear drop loose cubic zirconia beads? You are come to right place! Crystal cubic zirconia teardrop bead is classic to create fascinating and beautiful necklaces and pendants. Loose cubic zirconia is very well known as a diamond substitute in the jewelry market. Each piece briolette cubic zirconia beads is gorgeous and optically flawless. These sparkling facets of teardrop cubic zirconia beads make you to eye-catching. We provide over ten bright colors of teardrop cubic zirconia beads to you options. AAA quality drop beads is an affordable price with attractive shine. Top drill is important option for your design.Teardrop CZ Colors include white(colorless)
pink, purple, lavender, olive, golden yellow, black, lime yellow, violet, champagne, garnet and orange. We also have more colors as option.

Briolette Teardrop CZ Beads size(mm): 4x6      5x7      6x8      7x9      8x10      9x11      10x12      13x18    

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We can make customized beads as customers' requirement, please contact us and pleasure to help you.

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