Small Size 0.70-2.50mm VVS Round White Diamond Moissanite Wholesale Supplier

Now we can cut small sizes white round cut white moissanite for jewelry manufacturers like other synthetic gems. It's second hardness with 9.25 Moh's scale and just softer than diamond(10 Moh's scale). Small sizes moissanite mostly are set with Micro Pave and Cluster setting. We supply VVS white moissanite and look like diamond and it's more fire and spark than a real diamond stone. Moissanite is less likely to attract grease or dirt than a diamond, it should keep sparkle in long time. If you are looking for excellent cut white moissanite, we love to help you.

white moissanite diamond wholesale

 Stone Color Shape Cut Quality Size(mm) MOQ(Carat) Ref.
 Moissanite White Round Brilliant AAAAA 0.70mm 1 in stock
Moissanite  White RoundBrilliant AAAAA0.80mm
 1   in stock 
 Moissanite WhiteRound Brilliant AAAAA0.90mm 1 in stock 
 Moissanite WhiteRound Brilliant AAAAA1.00mm 1 in stock 
 Moissanite White Round Brilliant AAAAA1.10mm 1 in stock 
 Moissanite WhiteRound Brilliant AAAAA1.20mm
 1 in stock 
 Moissanite White RoundBrilliantAAAAA  1.30mm 1in stock  
 Moissanite White Round BrilliantAAAAA  1.40mm 1 in stock 
 Moissanite White RoundBrilliantAAAAA 1.50mm 1
 in stock 
 Moissanite WhiteRound  BrilliantAAAAA 1.60mm
 in stock 
 Moissanite WhiteRound BrilliantAAAAA 1.70mm
in stock  
 Moissanite WhiteRound BrilliantAAAAA 1.80mm 1
in stock  
 Moissanite White RoundBrilliantAAAAA 1.90mm 1
in stock  
 Moissanite White RoundBrilliantAAAAA 2.00mm 1
in stock  
 Moissanite WhiteRound BrilliantAAAAA 2.20mm 1
in stock  
 Moissanite White Round Brilliant AAAAA2.40mm 1
in stock
  Moissanite White  Round Brilliant AAAAA 2.50mm 1 in stock

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For larger sizes, please click here for more detail ! Sizes from 3.0mm to 12.00mm

Moissanite is a gemstone which less expensive and just as beautiful as diamond brilliant and sparkle. Now many people adore lab moissanite to their engagement rings not diamond, you can't tell difference from moissanite to diamond by naked eye. Thanks to skilled and technology, moissanite is close to colorless E-F, why not pick up a beautiful moissanite at a fraction cost of diamond?

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