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Citrine is the most recognized and semi precious gemstone in the quartz family. Citrine is the symbol of prosperity. It is sometimes called the "Success Stone." It is said to promote and manifest success and abundance in all areas, enhancing one’s virtue and instinct. This is why it is particularly used to promote success in business.It has the power of Sun and therefore it is advised to be worn for overcoming depression, phobias and fears.  Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone. It is often chosen for gold jewelry as it makes up a perfect jewel item.
The citrine is cut in accordance with its crystal shape, mostly faceted or in classical table cuts, or round, antique, as an octagon or oval, pear, marquise, heart, square, baguette, trillion.

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Citrine gemstones round size(mm): 
0.70    0.80   0.90   1.00   1.10   1.20   1.25   1.30   1.40   1.50   1.60   1.75   2.00   2.10    2.25   2.50   2.75   3.0   3.25   3.50                         3.75    4.00   4.50    5.00   5.50   6.00   6.50   7.00   7.50   8.00   8.50   9.00   9.50   10.00

Citrine oval size(mm): 3x4   3x5   4x5   4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11  10x12   10x14

Citrine pear size(mm): 3x4   3x5   4x5   4x6   5x7   6x8   7x9   8x10   9x11  10x12   10x14

Citrine heart size(mm): 3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10   11x11

Citrine marquise size(mm): 2x4   2.5x5    3x5   3x6   4x8   5x10  6x12   7x14   8x16

Citrine square size(mm): 2x2    2.5x2.5   3x3   4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10

Citrine baguette size(mm): 2x4   2x2.5   3x1.5   3x6   2x3    5x2.5    5x7    6x8   7x9    8x10   9x14

Citrine trillion size(mm): 4x4   5x5   6x6   7x7   8x8   9x9   10x10

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Citrine Stone Certification can also be provided as an optional service. Natural gemstones are always measured in Millimeter (mm).

VS = Eye Clean - Very slight inclusions; inclusions can be seen under 10x magnification
SI = Slightly included - Small inclusions can be seen with the naked eye

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