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The Centenary Diamond is one of the most spectacular diamonds in the world. It was discovered in 1986 in the Premier Mine in South Africa. The diamond weighed 599.10 carats in the rough and was the largest diamond ever to be found in the Premier Mine at the time. After being cut and polished, the Centenary Diamond weighed 273.85 carats and became the world's largest top-quality diamond.

The diamond was originally named the Unnamed Brown Diamond but it was later renamed the Centenary Diamond to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the De Beers Consolidated Mines. The Centenary Diamond was cut and polished in the London Diamond Syndicate. It is a rare type IIa diamond and is the only diamond to have received the highest quality grade of D color and Flawless clarity.

The diamond was unveiled to the world at the Tower of London in May 1991. It was set in a necklace made of gold, diamonds, and sapphires and was presented to Queen Elizabeth II. The diamond has since been on display at the Tower of London and is a popular attraction.

The Centenary Diamond is an example of the beauty and power of nature. It is a reminder of the amazing things that can be found in the earth, and it is a symbol of the strength and beauty of diamonds. The diamond is a reminder of the importance of protecting the earth's resources and of the value of the natural world.


Once upon a time, there was a diamond that had been passed down through generations of a family for 100 years. It was known as the Centenary Diamond. It was said to have magical powers and bring luck to the family who possessed it. The diamond had been hidden away in an old chest in the family's home for decades, but one day the family decided to take it out and try to sell it. They contacted a jeweler and asked if he would be interested in buying the diamond.

The jeweler was very interested in the diamond and he offered the family a large sum of money for it. The family was overjoyed and accepted his offer. The jeweler took the diamond back to his shop, and had it appraised. He was amazed to find out that it was a rare and valuable 100-year-old diamond. He then contacted a collector of rare gems and offered to sell him the diamond.The collector was so excited to get his hands on the Centenary Diamond that he offered the jeweler double the original price. The jeweler happily accepted the offer and the Centenary Diamond was sold.

The Centenary Diamond changed hands many times over the years, with each new owner hoping to use its magical powers to bring them luck and fortune. But no matter who owned it, the diamond was always admired and cherished for its beauty and history. The diamond eventually ended up in the hands of a museum, where it is still on display for all to admire. It is a reminder of the power of love and family, and of the importance of passing down special objects from generation to generation.

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