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We are a big manufacturer of loose cubic zirconia gemstones and lab created stones synthetic gems and provide a variety of colors CZ stones. Each piece stone is strictly sifted by our skilled and experienced employee. There are over 24 process from rough to finish stones. Due to experienced production and advance equipment, we usually produce AAA CZ(Good Quality) and AAAAA CZ(Top Quality).

All our customers around the world mostly buy standard good quality CZ stones. The list below is some of general colors CZ for your reference. Please know that each color have 3 different shades light color, medium color and dark color.The CZ stone is available in a variety of attractive colors, which are made by using different oxides. Colored cubic zirconia is extremely popular in fashion jewelry.

cubic zirconia stones wholesale

Gemstone cuts not only define the shape of a stone , but determines whether it sparkles and shines or dead. We can make over 200 cuts for cubic zirconia stones, the following cuts are very popular cutting in gemstones industry.

Purchase Gems by Shape

Gems be cut in to a range of shapes, usually chosen to best optimise the qualities of the rough . Find the right shape to suit your taste, or get in touch to learn about other, unique shaped gemstones. We use high quality synthetic faceting rough to make premium grade loose stones for our customers around the world.

Round Cut CZ


Oval Cut Cubic Zirconia


Heart Cut Cubic Zirconia


Marquise Cut Cubic Zirconia


Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia


Pear Cut Cubic Zirconia


Trillion Cut Cubic Zirconia


Emerald Cut


Asscher Cut


heart shape crystal white cubic zirconia diamond
oval cut crystal white cubic zirconia diamond

best quality white cubic zirconia

square crystal white cubic zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a popular synthetic gemstones and diamond simulants, white cubic zirconia is good spark and brilliance same as diamond, what's more, everyone can pay for it.Cubic zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide. People use this man-made gemstone to create jewelry that serves as a more affordable substitute for diamonds and other precious gems.Due to it is synthetic stone, it is flawless and has the same brilliance of a diamond. Cubic zirconia is a hard material with a rating of 8.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which makes it durable for different types of jewelry. It is nearly as hard as diamond and resistant against chips and scratches. Cubic zirconia is used in rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and more. It is often set in valuable metals like gold, sterling silver and platinum. Those interested in cubic zirconia jewelry should know how the quality of the gem compares to diamonds and different styles of jewelry available.

paraiba heart cut cubic zirconia AAAAA quality
blue radiant cut cubic zirconia AAAAA quality
cushion cut champagne cubic zirconia AAAAA quality
violet color cubic zirconia AAAAA quality
green color cushion cut cubic zirconia AAAAA quality
pink color radiant cut cubic zirconia AAAAA quality

We are a factory and manufacturer for loose cubic zirconia stones,lab created ruby and sapphire and steady supply ability 50,000,000 pcs per month. If you are looking for cheap factory prices, you come to right place ! ! !

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