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Zirconia stones is considered to be the best diamond alternative. So we believes Zirconia should be cut to standards equivalent to those set for the finest-cut genuine diamonds. And it must be achieved to yield maximum sparkle and brilliance in our flawless Cubic Zirconia. CZ is cut to a variety of shapes like round, marquise, heart, square, oval and pear etc. Baguette shape is one of shape-families in zirconia stones. The hardness of zirconia is 8.50 on moh's scale and it's safe to wax casting, metal clay and kiln. Baguette zirconia is widely used in rings, pendants and necklace. Our zirconia synthetic gemstones are beautiful and affordable cost. Baguette zirconia has a selection of cuttings and see below list. If you have customs baguette cuts as your stones requirement, please contact us any time!

Baguette Cut cubic zirconia are typically favoured for side stones, or in matched suites of stones, set into CZ wedding rings and eternity rings. Baguette is straight corner and there is some difference from emerald cut cubic zirconia. We usually provide AAA baguette CZ to our customers around the world.

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Rectangle Princess Cut or Baguette Step Cut Cubic Zirconia Stones Size List:

2x4 3x4 2x5 3x5 3x6 5x7 4x8 6x8 7x9 8x10 9x11 10x12 mm

If you are looking for special size baguette cut, the size should be more than 6x8 mm and it's cut easily. We provide step cut baguette CZ cubic zirconia cutting with varies colors include white, amethyst, pink, peridot, black, aquamarine, champagne, golden yellow, violet, canary yellow, lavender and garnet etc. Please see CZ color chart. If you are looking customs stones, please contact us any time !

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