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The unique look of the emerald cut gemstone is created by the step cuts of its pavilion and its large, open table. Instead of the sparkle of a brilliant-cut, emerald cut gemstones produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes. While less fiery, the long lines and dramatic flashes of light give the emerald cut an elegant appeal. The shape was originally developed for the cutting of emeralds, thus the name. Emerald cut cubic zirconia gemstone vary from nearly square to a narrow rectangle. The classic emerald cut stones has a length to width ratio of around 1.50. If you prefer the look of the square emerald cut CZ, be sure to consider the asscher cut as well.

Crystal white emerald cut cubic zirconia is alternative to emerald cut diamond and CZ have a great shimmering with inexpensive pricing.Evaluating color in emerald cut cubic zirconia is subjective. Many buyers may actually prefer to different colors cz stones expect white. Find a large variety of colors in our website like amethyst, peridot, pink, champagne, orange, garnet, tanzanite, apple green, swiss blue, emerald green and aquamarine etc. Jewelry manufacturers mostly use great AAA quality emerald cut CZ for jewelry design at cheap wholesale price. We also supply the highest quality AAAAA cubic zirconia stones for someone which are willing to pay and get best cutting and polishing. You will get what you pay, top grade 5A CZ will take more time to cut by our skilled and experienced masters. There are different emerald cutting of man made cz stones as follow.

5A white emerald cut cubic zirconia
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5A emerald cut lab created blue sapphire China manufacturer
5A cz green emerald cut
5A pink cubic zirconia emerald cut
coffee brown emerald cut cubic zirconia China
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Emerald Cut Size:

3x5 3x6 5x7 4x8 6x8 7x9 8x10 9x11 10x12 mm

We provide emerald cut cubic zirconia cutting with varies colors include white, amethyst, pink, peridot, black, aquamarine, champagne, golden yellow, violet, canary yellow, lavender and garnet etc. Please see CZ color chart. If you are looking for customs stones, please contact us any time !