Heart of the Ocean Replica

After watching the hit film, Titanic viewers fell in love with the romantic storyline as well as the remarkable Heart of the Ocean; a necklace Kate Winslet`s character, Rose wore in the film. Even though the gorgeous Heart of the Ocean is only a fictional diamond, there is a one of a kind blue diamond that comes close to its beauty. Meet the magnificent Hope Diamond, a stone that resembles the unique features of the Heart of the Ocean. 

After the release of the popular film there has been a request for the reproduction of the Heart of the Ocean. A replica was made with a 171 carat sapphire shaped in a heart surrounded by 103 diamonds set in a platinum necklace. The one of a kind jewellery item was later donated to the Sotheby`s charity auction. Celine Dion was spotted wearing the replica of the diamond at the 1998 Academy Awards ceremony.

This, of course, isn`t the only replica that has been made since the movie was released in 1997. Gloria Stuart, who played the elder version of Rose in Titanic was seen wearing a one of a kind replica that contained a 15 carat real blue diamond at the 1998 Academy Awards. The necklace is valued an estimated R254 million.

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