Quality of Cubic Zirconia:

When you buy cubic zirconia, CZ quality is one of elements you must consider, the quality of cubic zirconia are used to describe by a quality of rating system with five categories: A, AA, AAA, AAAA and AAAAA. The best quality 5A is highest quality, better quality is 4A

the worst quality is A. The highest quality stones are hard and clear, while the lowest quality stones are cloudy and soft. Most cubic zirconia stones sold today are rated as AAA quality stones. We usually offer classical grade is AAA as default quality for both white CZ and colored CZ, and we have them in stock as well. AAAAA quality colorless cubic zirconia usually have in stock for regular sizes.

Carat Weight of Cubic Zirconia:

A cubic zirconia with the same dimensions as a diamond is about 1.7 times heavier than the diamond. When the weight of cubic zirconia is given in carats, the number actually represents the carat weight of a true diamond of the same size. This is to standardize the scale so that the comparison between cubic zirconia and diamond is easy to make. Some cubic zirconia stones are measured by stone size rather than carat weight.

Cubic Zirconia Clarity:

All cubic zirconia in jewelry is manufactured synthetically, since it is not a mineral that exists in a naturally abundant and pure form. Low-quality manufacturing processes causes stones to be cloudy or have visible imperfections. Colored cubic zirconia can have uneven colors or tones, so the clearest and most evenly colored stones are the most valuable.

The Cut of Cubic Zirconia Stones:

Cubic zirconia can be hand-cut or machine-cut. For the best looking and most sparkling cubic zirconia, facets are cut evenly and precisely. The standard cut for cubic zirconia is the brilliant cut, but the stones can also be cut in other styles such as the trillion, princess and radiant styles. Quality cubic zirconia is hand-cut, not machine-cut, since machine cutting can cause stones to be hazy, poorly polished or have poorly arranged facets.

1.How to buy cubic zirconia synthetic gemstones from our company?

At first, you should send us an inquiry include size,quality,color,shape and quantity you are looking for to our free inquiry box. Our sale representative quote you pricing, shipping cost, payment option and delivery time. If all your requirement condition are confirmation, then you can make a payment.Our production sector will make an arrangement to cut your cz stones as your request.After finishing the stones, we will ship it to you immediately.At the same time, tracking No. is informed to you once courier take the parcel.Please allow up to 24 hours before shipping for order processing. Read more .....

2. How soon will it take to receive my order ?

We usually take 2-10 days(according to your order request) to arrange your stones once done payment. If CZ you request is in stock,it only take 1-2 days to be read. And the shipping time will take about 4-5 working days to reach your company.

3.Can I custom special cut stones ?

Yes.We offer customized service to customers, please provide your customize stones with shapes,cuts, sizes and quality. Customized

gemstone needed to take 5-10 days to cut.

4..What shipping option to choice ?

We usually ship cz stones by DHL, because it's economy, safe and fast shipping service. You can choose other shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS and registered mail parcel.

5.What Payment method to be accepted ?

Bank Transfer (T/T):This classic method is suit for everyone. Typically, it takes 1-4 business days (depend on customer's banks) to transfer money from customers' banking account to our banking account. As soon as the money-transferring transaction is approved and completed, we will arrange the gemstones within 24 hours. However, according to an international rule, customers need to take a responsible for transferring fee.

Western Union: Fast, Reliable, Worldwide - Money Transfer - the ability to send money to more than 320,000 Western union Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories.All the service charges should be paid by customers.

Paypal (Via Credit Card): PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments, enables buyers and businesses to send and receive money online. PayPal has over 100 million member accounts in 190 countries and regions. It's accepted by merchants everywhere.

6. How much should I pay for sales and taxes ?

You can pay FREE sales taxes for China. You will be responsible for paying customs duties upon receiving your parcel, if any, to your country's customs tariff system.The parcel recipient is fully responsible for any additional fees imposed by customs, including any tariffs and duties. Sometimes customs will charge a fee, and other times they will not. If you have any questions regarding tariffs and duties please call the Customs Agency for your respective country. Most of our clients pay a little taxes or nothing for import customs.

7.What's your company Return Policy?

For further information, please see our Return Policy.

8.What is your Privacy Policy?

Protecting your privacy is important. It is always your choice whether to provide personal information through the Web site. Any personal information you provide will be treated with care, and subject to this policy, will not be used or disclosed in ways to which you have not consented.