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The Krupp Diamond: A Lyrical Tale of Royalty and Power

The Krupp Diamond is one of the most renowned diamonds in the world. It is a magnificent yellow diamond, weighing in at an impressive 34 carats and has a history that dates back centuries. The diamond was owned by one of the most powerful dynasties of the 19th century, the Krupp family. This family had a long-standing relationship with the Prussian monarchy and the diamond is a testament to their status and power.

The story of the Krupp Diamond begins in the early 19th century with the marriage of Friedrich Krupp and Bertha Krupp. Friedrich was the son of a wealthy industrialist and Bertha was the daughter of a banker. The couple was married in 1847 and soon after, received the remarkable yellow diamond as a wedding gift. The diamond was given to the couple by Friedrich’s father, and was likely mined in the Golconda region of India.

The diamond was set in a gold setting with a necklace of pearls. The setting was designed by the famous Prussian jeweler, Julius Böhler. It was a fitting tribute to the newlyweds, and it has been passed down from generation to generation ever since.

The Krupp Diamond was a symbol of the Krupp family’s power and wealth. The family used the diamond to show off their wealth and prestige at royal events. They even presented the diamond to Kaiser Wilhelm II on his visit to their estate in the early 20th century. 

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The diamond was a prized possession of the Krupp family and was eventually given to the eldest daughter, Bertha Krupp. She was married to Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia, and the diamond was a symbol of their family’s social standing. Bertha wore the diamond to all sorts of royal events, including the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in 1910.

After the death of Bertha, the Krupp Diamond was passed down to her son, Prince Wilhelm. He kept the diamond and wore it on special occasions. In 1925, the diamond was given to his daughter, Princess Stephanie, who eventually inherited the diamond in 1933. 

Princess Stephanie was a renowned socialite and philanthropist and she kept the diamond in her possession until her death in 1975. Upon her death, the diamond was passed down to her daughter, Princess Beatrice. The diamond is still in the possession of the Krupp family and has been passed down through the generations. 

The Krupp Diamond is a remarkable symbol of power and wealth. It is a testament to the Krupp family’s long-standing relationship with the Prussian monarchy and their status in society. The diamond is a reminder of the family’s influence and power, and a reminder of the grandeur of the past.

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