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High Quality Cubic Zirconia Stones CZ Diamond Stones Loose Synthetic Gems Wholesale Manufacturer from China

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Are you looking for cubic zirconia stones manufacturer ? You come to right place! We have over decade years experienced manufacturing of Loose CZ. We can make a variety of shapes with different colors, gemstone shapes like round, marquise, pear, oval, heart, baguette, square, trillion, cushion, tapper, rectangle and cabochon;  Synthetic gemstone colors like CZ white, cz amethyst, cz peridot, cz peridot, cz pink, CZ champagne, CZ lavender, CZ purple, CZ emerald green, CZ tanzanite blue , CZ smoky, CZ garnet, CZ golden yellow, cz apple green and cz aquamarine etc.Due to cubic zirconia is man-madege crystal, it's flawless, good spark and excellent brilliant look like real diamond appreance.

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We specialize in factory-direct pricing for AAA and AAAAA quality Cubic Zirconia loose gemstones for jewelry making, distribution and retail. We have different kinds of gemstone machine to meet your request, for example: Taiwan Machine, Korean Cutting Machine and Automated Machine etc. Due to advanced equipment and skilled masters, we can mass production and the daily output of gemstones is 10,000pcs each machine and meet your demand for jewelry manufacturing. We have strictly quality control system and each piece stone has quality guarantee. 

People love diamond, but most of them are not able to pay extremely expensive prices.Now our company make a diamond alternative stones without expensive pricing tag and it's good spark and look like a real diamond. You can choice AAAAA CZ diamond simulants at different colors and shades, Colorless, Near Colorless, Faint Tint, Lightest Yellow, Light Yellow and Canary Yellow colors. Each piece diamond simulants is standard European Star Cut (Hearts and Arrows Cut) and very beautiful gemstone. 

Why Choose Us?

1.Over decade years experience of gemstones manufacturing.

2.Many years experience of foreign trade around the world.

3.Experienced safe package and fast shipping.

4.Competitive price with high quality and great service.

5.Steady CZ gemstones mass production supply ability.

6.More than 280 shapes &cuts designs.

7.Customized shape and cutting manufacturing are welcome.

8.Sample and Color Card are available.

If you are looking for high quality loose cubic zirconia gemstones at wholesale prices from China factory, please feel free to contact us !