Spinel Rough

AAA Quality Lab Created Spinel Rough Uncut Synthetic Spinel from Chinese Supplier

Synthetic spinel is one of popular synthetic gems like cubic zirconia and lab ruby sapphire. Synthetic spinel are able to wax casting and high temperature. Spinel is uniform color and vivi color, many jewelers and watch manufacturers would like to use accent stones. They are usually used as a side decoration around the center stone of a ring or another piece of jewelry and can increase its overall brilliance. Small sizes of spinel are good for CNC Setting. Synthetic spinel have a variety of colors such as blue, green and black. If you are looking for lab created spinel, please feel free to contact us to get free quote.

Lab Created Blue Spinel 104 Rough
Synthetic Blue Spinel 106 Rough
Synthetic Blue Spinel 108 uncut material
Synthetic Blue Spinel 113 rough wholesale
Lab Created Blue Spinel 114 rough China
Lab Created Blue Spinel 119 Faceted Rough
Lab Created Blue Spinel 120 Rough
Lab Created Spinel 149 Tourmaline Rough
Lab Created Green Spinel 135 Rough

Material: synthetic spinel

Color: as above

Quality: AAA

Clarity: VVS

MOQ: 1 kg

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