Pear Cut CZ

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Pear-shaped cubic zirconia, also known as teardrop cubic zirconia, deliver stunning sparkle in a unique shape. With a brilliant, 58-facet pattern, distinctive curves, and single point, the pear is a hybrid of the round and marquise styles. This elongated cubic zirconia shape tends to look larger than it actually is. With pear-shaped cubic zirconia stones making up 5% of all our synthetic gems sold, they are an unusual and eye-catching shape. Typically worn with the point facing down the finger – away from the hand – they have a flattering, elongating effect. Pear-shaped CZs are also a popular choice for custom jewelry, such as earrings and pendants. If you would like to make your pear-shaped CZ appear larger, opt for a halo setting. A halo setting will also provide more sparkle. Or let this unique CZ shape stand out on its own with a solitaire setting. The pointed tip on a pear-shaped cz makes it prone to chipping. Purchase a setting that will protect the tip of the stone.

Pear cuts are known for their brilliance and timeless elegance. The pointed end of this shape should be protected, as it can be prone to chipping. Pear cuts may also have a prominent bow tie area.Pear cuts should generally have a good depth such as 1.5:1 aspect ratio for a great look and a lively gem. Due to the high hardness of 8.5 Moh's and skilled & experienced cutters, We provide many kinds of pear cutting with different sizes and colors. Pear CZ is cut to cabochon, checker-board and brilliant. AAA quality pear cutting is standard quality for synthetic gemstones, the highest quality is AAAAA grade. Pear CZ is widely used in silver jewelry, golden jewelry and platinum jewelry.Now the following customs pear diagram for your reference, for more detailed, please contact us any time !

pear cut gemstones

pear cut

Natural Bottom Pear Cut CZ

pear natural cut

pear Diamond-cut Bottom Checkerboard Top

pear checker cut

Pear Diamond-cut Bottom Smooth Top

pear smooth cut

Pear Double Regular cut top CZ

double crowns cut

Pear Flat Bottom Checkerboard Cut CZ

flat pear cut

Cabochon Face Flat Bottom Pear Cut

pear cabochon cut

Double Checkerboard Pear Cut CZ

double checkers cut

Pear Double Smooth Top CZ

double smooth cut

pear Flat Bottom Checkerboard Top

flat checkers cut

Pear Cut Cubic Zirconia Size List:

3x5 4x6 5x7 6x8 7x9 8x10 9x11 10x12 10x14 12x16 13x18 mm

We supply pear shape cubic zirconia with varies colors included white, amethyst, pink, peridot, black, aquamarine, champagne, golden yellow, violet, canary yellow, lavender and garnet etc.